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  • This product is discontinued.

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    Device name: Twin MkII "Blackface"
    Device type:Tube guitar preamplifier
    Instruments: Electric guitar, acoustic-electric guitar
    Short description: True tube sound in compact casing. 

    Shift Line are huge fans of the Fender sound. Shift Line Twin mkII is based on the ‘65 Fender Twin combo amp. Twin recreates the authentic sound of the 30kg (64lbs) combo in a 600g (1.3lbs) box, adding some useful features in the process. Overall design and testing took us about 5 years. We spent most of this time comparing our preamp with the original amp face-to-face, (we had the original one in our workshop). After that, the device was tested for live and studio use by musicians.

    We also added some options to further improve Twin’s flexibility. We added a series effects loop, a phones output and an aux input. The recording output with a specifically designed switchable speaker simulator is the final touch to this Swiss knife for any guitar player. 

    • Classic tube circuit from INPUT to SEND jacks. High anode voltage from the specifically designed transformer, no SMPS circuitry used.
    • It is a real preamplifier so it obviously has no bypass option.
    • The high level output is designed to be connected directly to a power amp. Use the ‘power amp in’ or ‘return’ jack on your combo/amp to make your instrument sound mostly the same with different amplifiers.
    • Wide gain control gives you the possibility to get all sorts of sounds, ranging from clean to naturally compressed or even a bit overdriven signal.
    • Booster-friendly. Use any booster before Twin to get a lot of nice overdrive.
    • RECORD OUT output for recording or sending to mixer console.
    • Switchable speaker simulator on the recording output for more flexibility - easy use of software emulations for studio work, built-in hardware emulation for live playing or practice.
    • Phones output and aux input for home practice.
    • Loop signal level is optimized for effect pedals use. No more clipping!
    • Comes with Tung-Sol 12ax7 tube installed. We found this type of tube the best to achieve a balanced and transparent sound.
    • All tubes are checked to be low-noise and low-microphonic.
    • DC heater supply to keep noise to a minimum level.
    • Comes with a 220-230V mains European socket power adapter. In order to use it in countries with a different mains voltage, please make sure that you have the appropriate power adapter or voltage transformer.

    1. The Master knob controls the output level. It affects the OUT, RECORD OUT and PHONES outputs;
    2. The Treble, Middle, Bass knobs control the classic three-band EQ;
    3. The Gain knob controls Twin’s input sensitivity. It offers a wide control range from clean to compressed or overdriven sound;
    4. The Bright switch boosts high frequencies. Note: the Gain knob’s position affects the amount of high frequencies added when the Bright switch is on. If the Gain knob is turned fully clockwise, the Bright switch does not affect the sound;
    5. The Cab Sim switch turns on/off the speaker simulator on the RECORD OUT output. 

    1. IN - High-impedance input. Can be connected to any signal sources like guitars, analog and digital synthesizers with mono output;
    2. OUT - 1/4” mono +20 dBu output. Should be connected to ‘Return’ or ‘Power amp in’ jack on your amplifier;
    3. Send,Return Series Fx-loop. SENDcan also be used as an additional -20 dBu output;
    4. Phones  - 1/8” stereo output for headphones;
    5. Aux- 1/8” stereo input for drum machine, MP3 player or other signal sources. This signal comes only to thePHONES output.
    6. Rec Out  - line-level mono output for recording.

    Dimensions Box dimensions without knobs are 119х93х34 mm (4.7x3.7x1.3 inches).
    Power adapter 12V AC, 1000mA. 220-230V primary (for European sockets) adapter included.


Demo videos

  • Video review by Brett Kingman