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  • This product is discontinued.

    Name: Raxxla MK-II
    Type: Chorus
    Instruments: Guitar/bass/synth
    Short description: Three-in-one chorus. From light to very deep effect with wide rate control. Bright switch powerfully changes chorus color.

    • Mode switch in down position: very deep effect
    • Mode switch in up position: mid-deep
    • Mode switch in middle position: lightest, from leslie-style to flanger type effect
    • Bright switch affects overall tone. One of three positions on your choice
    • It is all-analog pedal, so it could be a bit noisy, especially in bright mode

    1. Knob Rate - modulation frequency. Up to 55-60 times per second in right position.
    2. Knob Depth - depth control.
    3. Switch Mode - 3-position toggle switch. Changes effect style
    4. Switch Bright - 3-position tone switch

    Dimensions: Box dimensions without knobs are 111х60х30 mm (4.3x2.4x1.2”)

    Power supply: 9V regulated center negative power adapter or 9V battery. Power consumption 20mA

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Demo videos

  • Shift Line RAXXLA mkII chorus 
    Shapovski Records 
    Dima Alai Oli 
  • Shift Line RAXXLA mkII bass
    warwick corvette $$ - raxxla chorus - hiwatt B20
    +ampeg-svt410hlf cab - Rode NT2-A+Shure PG57 - audio
     interface + VST compressor
  • Fender 59 thin skin Stratocaster -- effects -- 
    esa dual rectifier roadster -- AKG C 414 B-XL II 
    -- digidesign sound card
  • double raxxla + vi 
    setup: vi reverb in to POG (splitter/octaver) 
    raxxla left in to VHT special ultra, raxxla right 
    in to GTA-15