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  • This product is discontinued.

    Name: Termofuzz
    Type: Fuzz
    Instruments: Originally designed for guitar, but will work great with any other signal source
    Short description: One of the best fuzz pedals for an outstanding experimental sound. Termofuzz offers an enormous sound palette, ranging from break-up crunch to super hi-gain fuzz tones, octafuzz, gated fuzz, self-oscillation and anything you can ever imagine.

    • Extremely wide variety of sounds. 50 years of fuzz in one pedal!
    • 8-bit sound? Sure!
    • All analog circuit
    • Clickless relay true bypass

    1. Knob Level — the pedal’s master volume
    2. Knob Dirt — turn this knob to get self-oscillation, random octaves, 8-bit sounds and noises
    3. Knob Gain — the amount of distortion
    4. Knob Mode — use this knob to smoothly transition between low-gain, gated, octave and hi-gain modes. The Mode control interacts with the Gain and Dirt knobs.
    5. Switch Harm — the amount of high-frequency harmonics.
    6. You guitar volume — yes, it makes a lot sense! Simply twist it to get new sounds.

    1. The Mode knob has no fixed positions; it changes the sound smoothy. In fact, the pedal’s behaviour is controlled by a combination of 3 controls – Gain, Dirt and Mode. The resulting sound is determined by the relative positions of those knobs. The Mode knob can do wonders! It changes the sonic character of the Termofuzz from low gain to super high gain, going through up and down octaves, arpeggios and gate effects.
    2. The Harm switch selects the amount of high-frequency harmonics in the output signal. This switch has no effect if the Mode knob is turned fully clockwise or counterclockwise.

    Dimensions (without knobs): 111х60х30 mm (4.3x2.4x1.2”).
    Weight: 0.5 lbs
    Power supply: 9V regulated center negative power adapter or 9V battery. Power consumption: 25 mA.

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Demo videos

  • "This is my Termofuzz HSS Strat demo." by Brett Kingman
  • "This is my Termofuzz/Jazzmaster demo." by Brett Kingman
  • Artem Khrustalev plays Termofuzz showing a lot of different modes in 8 minutes. signal chain: guitar (RPS/Kramer) — TERMOFUZZ — TWIN mkII — Marshall power amp — Orange 2X12 cab — Sennheiser e906 / Rode NT1A — souncard
  • Demo by Pro Guitar Shop

    This is the Shift Line Termofuzz, an incredibly versatile fuzz pedal that distills the entire history of fuzz into one compact box, producing a huge diversity of tones, from crunchy break-up and thick, hi-gain sustain, to gating, oscillation, and complex octave tones.

    It even does glitchy, 8-bit video game sounds. The Termofuzz&s highly interactive control set allows for considerable tweakability, and in addition to the standard level and gain controls, it features a Mode knob for selecting from low-gain, gate, octave, and hi-gain modes, a Dirt knob for dialing in oscillation, random octave sounds, 8-bit sqwawk, and other miscellaneous noises, and a Harm switch, which is a three-way toggle for selecting the desired amount of upper harmonic content.
    Along with your guitar&s volume knob, this powerful set of controls gives the Termofuzz an unprecedented amount of tone generating capability.

    The Shift Line Termofuzz is built by hand in beautiful and historic St Petersburg, Russia, and features an all analog circuit with click-less true bypass switching and premium components
  • Shift Line TERMOFUZZ
    Педаль созданная для извлечения из гитары и бас гитары безумных звуков и объединяющая в себе сразу несколько типов перегруза от овердрайва и дисторшена до восьмибитных звуков, самоосциляции и октавных смещений.

    Педаль управляется четырьмя контролами:
    Gain -- отвечает за количество пререгруза
    Dirt -- имитация севшей батарейки
    Level -- уровень выходного сигнала
    Mode -- тип перегруза. В разных положениях этого контрола вы обнаружите всевозможные типы перегрузов с возможностью плавно менять характер от одного к другому.

    Кроме четырёх основных контролов на педали присутствует трёхпозиционный переключатель Harm отвечающий за количество гармоник в сигнале при центральном положении количество гармоник максимально, при положении вверх срезается незначительная часть, при положении вниз -- довольно весомая часть гармоник не проходит в финальную обработку.

    Стоит также отметить, что описать все возможные сочетания и получающиеся звуки достаточно сложно, проще крутить ручки и определять непосредственно на слух какие положения будут подходить Вам потому, что педаль по разному обрабатывает не только сигнал с разных гитар, но и очень своеобразно реагирует на ручку громкости гитары.

    Stratocaster--termofuzz--vox night train--celestion g12m + vst rever
  • Hello Folks! Here is "Fun with fuzz" ovation magnum bass III
    No talking more Rocking!

    From On of the biggest guitar show room in Russia.

    web: https://www.guitarbank.ru https://www.vk.com/guitarbank https://www.facebook.com/guitarbankshop
  • One of the best fuzz for outstanding experimental sound.

    Super versatile, from brake-up crunches to super hi-gain fuzz tones, octaves, gating, self-oscillation and everything you can ever imagine.
  • Just got a new pedal - Shift Line TermoFuzz, made in St.-Petersburg.

    Awesome pedal that I think was made for crazy experiments! It has a really wide range of Gain, very flexible Mode switch (it smoothly changes between different modes of fuzz), a very experimental, but useful Dirt control, that brings in the effect of low battery and other weird, though cool features. And of course the Harm switch that gives you ability to change harmonic responce of the fuzz, in other words - it affects the tone pretty much.

    One of it is features is self-oscillation. I really like how it sounds! And all these four knobs (except the Level knob) control the pitch! You can spend hours just sitting and rotating them in different ways, that is really entertaining, especially if you have an FX unit, like TC Electronic G-Major2.

    Well, that is it.
    Guitar is Yamaha SR700 ash strat (japanese girl born in 70s) [though it is really not used in the video, volume just turned down]
    Shift Line TermoFuzz TC Electronic G-Major2 (my "Shimmery" preset, with pitch shifter, reversed delay with modulation and a good touch of reverb) RMIF AB-2-60 old soviet 50-watt solid state combo

    Enjoy :)
  • good demo by ArtTMK
  • бас-термофуз-квак-дилэй-усилитель
    звук 50/50 микрофон/линия
  • Shift Line TERMOFUZZ + Bass
  • просто барабанная петля выпущенная с карты и прошедшая через наши примочки, после чего засунута обратно в компьютер и записана (настоящий труЪ моно звук и аналговые говнякалки в действии)
  • термофуз и другие примочки в связке с vst синтом. посыл с карты возврат в карту (можно было ещё и через басовый усилитель с динамиками пропустить для пущего жира, но было лень)